About Us
"Real Estate ownership should be made accessible and affordable for everyone"

We’re a real estate crowdfunding platform that brings people of all kinds of backgrounds together to invest in real estate opportunities. Developers get benefit by having access to a large pool of buyer ready to purchase, and buyers are able to purchase an investment property using a minimal capital. Our mission is to create wealth through real estate.


Market Accessibility

Academic studies show that real estate has constantly grown positively in the past 5 years. beating out other investment products in Indonesia.

Real Estate Management

Fractiown manages all paperwork and legalities. We monitor and maintain the property for you so you can focus on things that matter more.

Low Capital Requirement

Real estate has never been cheaper as our method makes capital in buying property much lower than buying full property individually.

Vetted Out Listings

Choosing properties can be hard, hence we ensure all listings have to go through strict verification before it can be posted on our website.

Fractiown is The Single Point Of Contact

Seller would only deal with Fractiown as the authorized management of the sold property, despite having multiple owners.

Cash Only & Final Price

Fractiown only takes cash as payment. Every seller would only receive cash. Also, price on our website is fixed, thus no negotiation between buyer and seller.

Alternative Financing

Unlike bank or mortgages, the initial capital is low since the funding is done as a group instead of an individual.

Accessibility To Large Customer

Fractiown’s method allows scalability to those wanting to invest in real estate but halted by the capital needs. More chance to sell units faster dan at larger volumes.

How It Works
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