Fractiown is

Real estate has continuously outperformed stocks and mutual funds, but is generally inaccessible for the masses due to high capital requirement.

Fractiown (read: fraction) offers a new way to own a real estate with a minimum capital requirement so real estate ownership can be made accessible to everyone. With our collective purchase method, capital requirement can be minimized and all paperwork and legal aspects will be taken care of.

How It Works

We scout for interesting real estate projects throughout Indonesia

All our properties are handpicked based on our strict selection criteria, among others are, low/manageable risk, and above average long term growth. We have good nation-wide network that gives us access to properties with:

  • Strategic location
  • High rental demand
  • Iconic brand and reputable developer
  • Low volatility
We gather investors with similar real estate interests and investment appetite

Minimum participation starts at 1% of the property price. We will then find other like-minded investors like you to co-participate on the property that you chose. Once the property is fully funded, we start the purchasing process and paper/legal work.

By investing through this crowdfunding method, you are exposed to a much lower risk. The return might not be as big as properties purchased with loan , but we are committed to focus on stable long term real estate investment with low and manageable risk.

We create a special vehicle in a form of a limited liability company

This company is registered with official address located within the same municipality as the real estate location. We handle all the legal and administrative paperwork.

The limited liability company purchases the property of your choice

Every property is owned by a registered company located on the same administrative/geographic area.

Each participant becomes shareholder of the company

As an investor and shareholder, you own certain amount of shares within the newly created company, and this acts as a proof of your ownership towards the recently purchased property.

We manage your property

We find renter for your property and prepare all the necessary paperwork. We make sure the property becomes a potential investment instrument for all the shareholders.

We distribute rental income directly to all shareholders.

Rental income produced from renting out the property will be directly disbursed to each shareholder's bank account on yearly basis.

We arrange for property resale

If shareholders require, we will also arrange resale of the property, starting with finding potential buyers, following up, negotiating and closing deals on your behalf. We make sure you are best represented for the optimal return on your investment.

Shareholder gets all the profit

After paying all the necessary fees, investors will get 100% of all the profit made on the property sale. We don't charge commission.